Best Friend

He is your faithful friend

One on whom you can count, day n night

He will be with you till the end

Leading you by His hand right


He knows you better than you do

When your are troubled He knows

Helps you to problems say boo

To stand beside you he vows


Ready to listen to all your complaints always

Heeds to all your prayers

Considers especially your case

With compassion, coz for you He cares


He doesn’t give up on you

Or remain angry forever

Like you often do

Forget Him, ignore n remember Him never


There’s no one like HIM in all eternity

Most compassionate friend, my Lord

Words can’t express the serenity

I experience in your presence, Lord


My heart brims with gratitude

Pondering on your deeds wonderful

It gives warmth even in solitude

To praise your name ever beautiful


You are my Savior the one

Who for me carried my cross

Through the battle you had won

Us all having yourself suffered loss


You are worthy of praise

And honour you do deserve

For marvelously leading me in your ways

To you, I bow down to worship and serve  


But my words won’t suffice

to express your eternal love

your power and your great sacrifice

this is a humble offering to YOU my Father in heaven above


Wonderful ways in which my LORD led me

When troubles come up neck high

You lift me up with your Hands

When I travel alone, sigh

You sustain me to reach the promised lands


When I’m down in dumps

Your shining face cheers me up

Sick with life, tripping over life’s humps

You gently take from me this suffering cup


When my friends don’t comprehend

You are there to comfort me

 My dreams shattered,
coming to my life’s end

Your purpose in my life you help me to see


When I am betrayed and rejected

You teach me patience and forgiveness

shot down, downtrodden, unnoticed

 Your love envelops me
& gives me happiness


When I don’t know what to do

You know it all and guide me right

I’m burdened and about to give up too

You pacify me and carry me with your arms might


When I’m on cloud nine and insolent

You showed me through your life, humility

When I underrate ppl and anger on others I vent

Through your words I learn not to & feel serenity


When I tread on the loneliest path

You give me protection under Your mighty wings

In disasters and calamities is seen your wrath

But peace with you I sense, O King of kings


When I am scared out of my wits before exams

You strengthen me to face it all

When I worry endlessly about grades, buses n ma’ams

I calmed down by your soothing call


When worldly things make me sway away

You never give up on me

Showing me your love’s way

Giving a second chance to me


You’ve loved me unconditionally

Lord you gave your life for me

I believe in you my God totally

& so before YOU, I bend my knee

wonders of math

Mathematics, the base of all things

Is used everywhere and has

Bestowed upon the world uncountable

Wonders that are remarkable


Though we do rack our brains

With Identities & formulae that maths did bequeath

To prove its perfection

In all fields without correction


In the young fears develop

But little do they know

How maths in life help us up

Making life journey an easy row


For maths doesn’t destroy

Rather helps us understand

Square is a square, why?

Erasing our doubts like a magic wand


It’s a science of quantity and numbers

Which made possible many wonders

through mathematical

With equations and polynomials wow!


Maths stands unique in sciences

Ever exciting algebra and geometry

Ending all crisis

With various calculations accurately


Its beauty is seen in its

Precise laws and principles

That guides us in our lives

Easily through


Many a great men have spend

Their lives havin neva quit

Counting and calculating vent

For they knew it’d be worth it


India had a handful of them

In Arryabhatta, bhaskra the accomplished

And the young Ramanujam

Whose works are ever cherished


Lets us hope and pray that

Mathematicians Many more

Come up our land at

Bringing joy in our heart’s core


Worthy of praise Maths surely is

So here we poets sing out loud

The beauty and wonders of maths

Through poems like these, we do tout