The prized people

By people I’m surrounded

My family that loves me

My friends that cheer me

My relatives who care

My society and neighbors are

Among those who wish the best for me

My teachers who guide me

These are the people whom I treasure

Whose worth I can’t measure

I don’t think I’ll ever forget

Them even if I forget the president

Coz they are the ones who matter in my life

And yours as well

There’s so much to tell

About ‘em that a poem won’t do

And  I might as well start a book

The lessons they taught

Those that cannot be bought

The love that they gave

Since I was a babe

The time I spent with them

Still bright as a gem

The fun we had together

Oh how can anyone forget them ever

This is something that everyone knows

I just wrote down my

 ~ Julian Joseph



Oh how I wish

to write a poem swish!
one that rhymes
one that has a message
Just like those billions
that’re written by millions
of poets from past and present
Like a song sent
from above they write
down the lines, how very right
using poetic devices
& figures of speech in crevices
they’ve written poems many
which’re remembered sincerely 
by aspiring ppl like me
to take inspiration n see
the world like they did
and pen down what a kid
of 16-yrs feels about it all
a poem to put up on my wall
aha! well will this do
what do you think? do tell me too