TitLe?!!…ah lets decide dat later!

As the sun rises to a new day

 I wake to see in the clouds no

How would this day go?

Will it bring a new woe?

Or a surprise or worry

Or simply more ennui

The bright sun that shines till late

In the morning, when I lay awake

In bed, pondering on the day’s stake

 I saw my room in a mess

I was supposed to clean it days

Before but it slipped off my mind

 So did my assignments try to

Me to them but sadly not for long

Oh I’m stressed out by all this thinking

Let’s keep anon all this planning

‘It’s time for a complete check’

Beeped my pc, what the heck

And I casually ticked ‘later’

‘The Ascend’ form is on due

For eight, will I make it? Phew!   

is all this what people call

Procrastination?! Strangely it’s all

Part of my schedule [:P]

~ Julian Joseph


Confuse not with Confidence and Conceitedness!

“I can do it!” reflects confidence in
one’s abilities. “Only I can do it” shows my arrogance. “I am the best”, my
conceitedness. If when a person is at the verge of achieving his goal…a tiny
little feeling creeps in his/her mind. “I knew I could do it…only I can do it i deserved it and yes I did it!” This will ruin him/ her. We must have a
positive attitude towards everything in life and also the confidence in our own
strengths which will help us attain our goals. But what we must remember is
that this is possible by every other human being. Each Homo sapien can boost up
his confidence and develop a positive attitude to achieve success in life…so
what on this green earth makes you think that only you can do it! Pure
nonsense! Do not fall victim to this diabolic feeling of arrogance. 


Believe in God and in yourself. Your
creation wasn’t a mistake! God created you for a purpose! You have a role to
play in HIS amazing plan! Even if you are clueless regarding your future…GOD
Almighty has a perfect plan for you. Believe it! Once a good friend of mine
wrote this in my autograph book…”We see the present and plan for our future but
God sees our future and plans our present!”…isn’t that a beautiful verse! Believe
that God is with you always! He loves you! Live like the birds you see flying
by…they don’t worry and fret…for they know that God, their creator shall look
after them…then aren’t we humans, the crown of creation worth far more? “


keep knocking at the door. Only those who are bold, ready and alert receive
them and put them to the best use. You will win only when you think you can.

                        BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
Have faith in your abilities! You can succeed only when you have a humble but
reasonable confidence in your powers. A sense of inferiority and inadequacy
interferes with the attainment of your hopes, your aspirations!

FAITH=ATTAIN your aspirations.

careful study of the lives of over thousand world’s great personalities from
various walks of life have shown that positive attitude and unstained efforts
are the two basic factors which account for their phenomenal success and
amazing accomplishments. Yes it’s true that we need to work hard towards it,
but never lose hope. For once hope is lost everything is lost. Falling down
isn’t defeat…defeat is when you refuse to get up! So always keep going no
matter what, keeping your hopes high.  To realize your cherished
ambition, to get ahead in life, to rise above competition, to reach the top and
remain there you must begin with a determined resolve and put in ceaseless
sustained hard work.

you can do it and trust me you can! Always aim higher in life.

this era of increasing competition and ruthless rat race, he wins who never
shirks but always persists with hope and faith. You must act as if it is
impossible to fail!

are more than a human being; you are a human becoming;

are capable of great wonders! Your powers are unlimited…


settle down for the crumbs in life;

hide your talents from this day hence!!!

~Julian Joseph


Something that is true always

To which we can nod our heads

Would only be about how faithful

Our  Father GOD is, at
all times


Something about which the whole

World knows to be the sole

Reason of their health & prosperity

Is God’s Grace showered abundantly


Something which no one can ignore

That is realized each day all the more

Is His everlasting love

From heaven above


Something  we all

And truthfully do pledge

Is that we are living only

Because of His care for us amply


Something that each one can admit

Confess from the bottom of the heart

Is that we are unworthy

But are still loved by Him aplenty


Overwhelmed by HIS love eternal

I too wish to love people as they are

Just like my Father loves me with all

My faults, uncountable those are for sure


I wish I could appreciate

The good in people, not hate

Any of my brothers & sisters

But forgive them n  love ‘em all without bias  


Just the way I have been forgiven

I wish to forgive and begin

An era of love and mercy

For all people, each n every


I wish I could erase away

All jealousy, arrogance n may

I have a heart of love n kindness

Truthfulness and gratefulness


I realize that these are just wishes

For I am imperfectly human always

But I do strive to have these

There’s no wrong in wishing I suppose 😉

******* ******* *******

~by Julian Joseph

Life is…

Life is a gift from above, sweet

But it becomes sour as it goes

Crushing some and letting ‘em jus to

Beneath the horrible woes


Life is puzzling at times

This way and that way it goes

Taking us through the different stages
like mimes

Across happiness, and sorrows



Life takes turns smooth n sharp

U got to b alert n watchin

Coz it may b level or time warp

But neva be afraid coz ders no quittin


Life isn’t always fair

Doesn’t go the way you wish

You may find urself doing a job never dreamt

Ah! Never mind many say


and you may have struggles

Getting stressed and tensed

You keep worrying ceaseless

Problems seem to never end


Life is sick at times

Everything seems disappointing

Blows and misfortunes

Shoot you down mercilessly


People may ask what it is

For a 16- yr old as me

But it is just as confusing for His

Ways are unknown, no one can see


Life is a journey which ends six feet

Down in the earth but before it ends

You stop to watch the fair and fete

This comes in life like shooting stars



Life is a boomerang, one gets

Back what one gives

When you help others it comes

Back in two fold


In life you make plans, devise strategies

But it is the Lord who has the Last Word

He will bless your plans and policies

Only if u have humbly surrendered


There are some who come out

With flying colours through every

struggle fearlessly then they tout

“Trust in the Lord who gives victory!”


Life may even baffle you

So it isn’t all that bad u see

A ray of hope to you

it rewards unexpectedly


so that you may carry on!

Run this race with courage once more

for the God who brought you here wont

leave you to be sore


Life isn’t a lonely walk

All the people are on the same ship

It won’t hurt to laugh and talk

To cheer n encourage friendship


Life is like a coin with both sides

You always have a choice

Use wisely this power to beat d tides

And for the needy raise your voice


Smile often even when sad

To God’s hands, your problems give up

Return evil with good

Live with God at the top


Life is a gift from God, sweet

Let us live to fulfill our creation’s

Try to live like those birds that tweet

cheerfully, under their Creator’s care

My good friend

She is cute n white

Has bushy thick hair

Which to flies, a trap may sight 
: D

She is casual n without care  


Loves doing things on comp

e-books, games, movies and facebook recently

n this love made CS an option for her

in skool n doesn’t she sing wonderfully   (8)


Strong and bold in speech n acts

cracks jokes n is fun to be with

science she loves n also maths  

wants to be 6-feet tall in length  


well didn’t you guess this

MBC- freak till now   😉

Who can it be but the Miss

Cutey ‘hag’…none other than  Anju
Paul 🙂