our friend forever!

GOD, our friend forever!


Hurt, heart-broken, aghast, forlorn 

Feelings as these are least expressed

Separation being the hardest borne

It isn’t easy to bid farewell to someone you really liked


But truth is bitter, let’s face it

Sometimes people u loved would be leaving

Leaving no clue to your next meeting

But you’ve to accept it, coz it isn’t in your hands


They say, Crying would relive you of grief

So be it, shed tears, but stop after a some period

Of time coz when your tears dry up, there lies life

Before u, waiting you to flex another 200 muscles & take
a step ahead


The departure of someone so dear

 May create be a
lacuna in your life

But as they say, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’

So pacify yourself, & perambulate up in this strife


When your heart twinges and you experience

A feeling that you’d not be able to cope up with the

Of routine, worry not, simply seal up those emotions& hand

 the controls to God,
and watch Him lead the way


Turn to God, the
Master of all

For HE would comfort
you in this sad season

and strengthen you to face
it all

and to believe that
everything happens for a reason


Spend your time
thinking about what a friend

you’ve in HIM! To whom
you can always talk

One who’ll be with you till
the end!

Who will watch over
you as you walk.


O Lord, you have loved us like no one else has

You’ve never failed us but kept us

Through every struggle, never forsaken us

Fulfilling your promise throughout our lives


Thank you Lord, for this comforting peace

Be with those who leave and with us too

May your everlasting love embrace us

Brighten up our lives with your undying flame of love


8 thoughts on “our friend forever!

  1. Samar says:

    Hmm…nice..i can relate to it!and yeah…its full of comforting and consoling! so Jolsish! lol…so a good one..leaving da 1st 2 stanzas! its full of positive vibes! :),,Keep writing! ❤

  2. Fahmida says:

    Nice and sweet 🙂 Keep It up Yaar… Just to add … People dont appear that Positive when it actually happens… Easy to say "be +ve" than be +Ve .. No offence just saying from my experience..

  3. Julian says:

    i agree tht yaar ki jab u r in tht situatuion it sure is tuff..but like they say wht matters is tht…u get up again and move on!! live ur life….every1 has a perfect destiny thts perfectly designed..nd it will be so…btw these plans r usuallybetter thn wht we hv in mind 😛 so cheer up!!

  4. Fahmida says:

    Im chill… Just that My life gets a little too frozen when soooo People leave me… That too after I finally i got my special someone after nearly 7 years

  5. Julian says:

    hmm….if u wish to enlighten me (detaiiiillsss u noe)about this…..the day xams get over God willing i\’ll be der….\’\’available\’\’ 😛

  6. Julian says:

    many of our dear friends are leaving…though it makes us sad…they are gonna remain in our hearts..we have to learn to move on…nd they should too…let us wish them all the best and pray for their joy and well-being…

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