Farewell Forever

For me, farewells were never easy

Death, the worst of all

Creates a lacuna so deep

No amount of tears can fill it to the brim

The sight of the bereaved

Truly unbearable

 Hows and whys cloud my mind

Motionless and lifeless

O the sight tore our hearts

 tears flooded our eyes as we saw

his eyes still open, a little

For the first time, I knew a sorrow

I couldn’t understand

Death of a dear friend

left us all shocked

 beyond words

a memory we all would hate

to remember

his smiling face, his jokes

 his doubts,his questions

his dreams,his innocence

everything about him, marred

on this horrible day

the thought of a class

without him

the memory that he was once among us

but will be no more

O the pain, so unknown

our promises of friendship years ahead

 all seemed in vain indeed

for we couldn’t be with him

when he took that ride

 down to the valley of death

all alone

 life is so unpredictable

yesterday he was there

today no more

 the least we can do is pray

and be there for his family

as he was for us

[missing MIDHUN RAJENDRAN, my classmate who passed away on 17 Jan 2014, in a bike accident]


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