What’s new today?

1 Jan 2014

Looking back the past few months last year[2013], I realized I had done nothing worth remembering. I started the day with a tea and Facebook and ended it with Whatsapp. Was social media stealing away my very life-‘time’? out of the 700+ friends I talk to just a handful of them regularly. Sad but true. I have got to do something.


Knowing more about anything and everything, around me, is what I love doing now and of-course Google is my new best friend. This New year, the only resolution I made was to make  every single day productive. Sounds too unrealistic? Lets put it this way, productivity, like my friend once said, is different for all. For me, the usual resolution-breaker, that I am,I made it easy, down to at least one new word or term a day.

Guess what? It works! Before going to bed, as I look at the journal beside my pillow, I rewind the all whole day in a jiffy and find out what was the new thing I learnt today! I am glad that its not just a new word, but much more 🙂 [though there are some nights I slack which is humane I believe] Trust me, its the best way to ensure you are keeping upbeat with the tech-savvy, fast, digital world out there that would simply go whooshing past your ears, even before you realize it.

Give it a shot friends!  for the next one  week, make every day count!

Read, listen, keep your eyes open and ask the WH’s & How’s. Don’t be lazy! Get those dormant brain cells buzzing and find the answers and post below what you learnt, that is worth sharing 🙂 As they say,  “Knowledge is the only treasure that increases when you share it!” 😀