Every love story…

No matter which country the story in set in, or the age it was  written in, every love story has a common outline to it. A beautiful girl who doesn’t know that she is, until the ‘love-of-her-life’ tells that to her. It is their minds that connect, their attitudes towards each other, their concern and the understanding that develops among them which helps them see past their differences and stick around at the times of need. Maybe there’s no need to go around searching for the right person, moving from one relationship to another, like animals in the forest do, 😛 [kinda harsh comparison, but that’s what it comes down to] Maybe time/destiny would bring you two together at the right time. Is it really that hard to wait?


Happy friendship day!!!

Hey, my friend, I owe you a lot,

for all the timely help and well

for all the lessons you have taught me;

for making me feel special

for being with me

and helping me to see

life in a different view

for believing in me 

and encouraging me

 I’m filled with gratitude

for the amity you gave me in solitude

Forgive me my friend if I’ve somehow

hurt you or broken your tender heart


 I Thank you,coz  you have helped me be just me

and so in this way

Thank you for all that you have done

~ Dedicated to all my friends at school, at church  at college, at hostels, buses/trains and wherever I have met you! 

         Thank you for being you!

written with love just for ya all


~ your friend

Julian Joseph