Best bonding :)

The joy of celebrating Raksha Bandhan at college, where in exchange for just two colourful threads, I got two huge CadBury ‘Silk’ chocolates(Fruit n Nut and Caramel flavours- *licking -my-lips* it was truly good)  which brought to my mind all the childhood fun, when my elder brother and cousin brother used to give me gift me just like this. Having grown up with a brother, so loving and caring, for whom I am always a little girl, for whom the youngest girl of the fam is the very heart of it! 😀 I sure loved it!!


Wanderings of my mind

The monotonous voice of the lecturer, the constant murmurings of the back-bench-ers, the squeaking noise of the fans that have no regulators, the never ending whispers from the girls in the front, the serious faces of the toppers around as they take down notes with such ferocity, that even the ALBERT Einstein would feel ashamed…pretending to listen to the lecture, I nod-look down-at-my-notes-and back -up -again at calculated intervals, my mind was screaming for a break, and every fiber in my body for my soft-cozy bed at the hostel. Oh how I wanted the clock hands to tick faster….

Wandering aimlessly, my mind was occupied by the scenes of the Game of thrones and my heart longed for the stacks of books at my brother’s apartment in Mumbai, after a small reverie there, I returned to southern India, yes Kochi, my new home for the last 2 years; It was a place I had never set foot on, except maybe for landing at the airport once -upon -a-time while I was still NRI. Yes that’s exactly how my mind wandered, one thing led to another. Sometimes, I caught myself rewinding back to the point, that started me down the memory lane, in the first place.

Shrill giggles from the back interrupted my thoughts, yes we were all equally bored, I turned back to look what was the matter. Oopsy, Sir did too.

Do what you love, love what you do :)

I have always had a flair for writing and through this blog I really believe it means accomplishing one of my dreams come true(a small one atleast)
Joining the Literary Club was totally one-step closer to my dream.(Yes I have several dreams)
When people with the same frequency come together, the resonant music is definitely worth hearing 🙂 What happened today, at the first meeting of Literary club,was something similar. I finally got to hang out with those very people I always wanted to.

Coding, gives me the feeling of a Creator.  It gives me the power to make what I like, the way I like. especially if it is Graphics or App development. Coders are also gifted with a vast no of opportunities, competing in international online coding competitions, to prove their skill in which ever language they are the most comfortable in ( again language :D)

Anything connected to literature, brings a smile over my face, and I give the credit to my Mom who spent all her time, reading  Shakespeare and T.S. Elliot 🙂 when I was in her womb.