‘All things new’…why we don’t always like it

Humans are known as the most adaptive animals. Yeah, that line comes straight from my 6th standard Science textbook. Then why is it that you had so many friends at school, (maybe you were the center of attraction) but had difficulty in making friends at college? Why do we the struggle at adapting to the new places and new people around?Well, third year in College and I have come to realize, if not any sooner, that we, the so -called ‘humans’ don’t actually like ‘new things’, or ‘new surroundings’ or ‘new years’ as much as we pretend to.

Remember those days, we update statuses like, ‘I miss my old school’ , ‘I wish I could go back to my old town’ or find that the new car parking- lot is uncomfortable or feel that, the neighbour, who just shifted in, is a weirdo!,  or the times when you find that your new classroom feel all ‘wrong’ , or dislike everyone at your new job, or simply prefer the air in the elevator you usually use, or that particular seat on the bus you take home everyday, we always want everything to remain just as it was, the day before. Everyone loves seeing an old friend or even a familiar face in the crowd, to just be able to say hello. Again we, are also , social – animals that crave recognition, friendship, and maybe just a shoulder to lean on or cry out. We love what we know, because we already know it.

Before you start blaming yourself, let me tell you that it is because, our brains love what’s familiar, thats why. I quote from an article I read recently, “As humans, we’re more likely to prefer something that’s familiar to us – whether it’s a song, an old blanket, or a smell – than something that isn’t.” Though the article was titled, –Why do we like our own farts?’ I believe it sure can help us understand ourselves.  It is perfectly natural to miss the ‘good-ol’- times’ and at times maybe your ‘old-self’ :P( yeah surprisingly, even ‘you’ change(become new) over the years) in this common struggle of ‘adapting’ to the constantly changing universe around us.

But, as you know it, and have been possibly muttering under your breath, as you have been reading this post, – is that- ‘new’ turns ‘old’ someday. Gradually, we get used to what was new. We adapt, we learn to live with what we are given in life. We make friends with those new people at work, we grow used to that parking lot in a few days, we create a niche in the new classroom, find our favourite spot, we soon end up loving it all, even before we realize it! 🙂