Soliloquies of a wanderer

Trails Unexplored

We’re trying so hard, all the time,

To be different – each one of us,

We’ve forgotten

All that we bear in common,

How beautiful we look

As one.

We’ve launched so many satellites

To find our way for us,

We have lost the art

Of getting wonderfully lost

On trails unexplored.

We’re so busy seeking

Likes, shares, comments; Mass approval

Of each rhyme, picture & experience

In a virtual world,

We’ve forgotten the grace

Of brutal honesty,

Of kindness never spoken of,

Of adventures lived, not captured.

We’ve loved and lost,

Loved and lost, loved and lost…

So many times over,

We no longer embark on a story

Believing in a forever.

We are so busy saving time,

All the time –

Faster processors, shorter routes, more MBs per sec,

We forget to live

The moments we save.

We’ve put on so many layers

To shield us from harm,

We fail…

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Remembering Stella Young

TED Blog

Here at the office, we end up screening a fair number of “inspirational” talks, stories of mighty challenges overcome and then shared onstage to serve as an inspiration to others. The point being: If I can overcome my problems [modest pause], what can you do? [applause]

Stella Young — comedian, activist, awesome person — was simply having none of that. She was not planning to serve as anyone’s inspirational porn of the month, and in her fiery, hilarious talk — given at TEDxSydney in the city’s famed Opera House this April — she laid into the stereotypes that she fought all her life.

Some choice quotes:

I was teaching in a Melbourne high school, and I was about 20 minutes into a year 11 legal studies class when this boy put up his hand and said, “Hey miss, when are you going to start doing your speech?” And I said, “What speech?” You know, I’d been talking them about defamation law for a good 20 minutes. And…

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Midnight Express

Poems & People

Each dusk from hope outworn by day
a dawn is dreamt of as I lay,
yet bares it through not hourly veils
its visage for it night conceals,
instead what rushes through the dark
and sings out ceaseless as a lark
tis the midnight express steaming
keeping me from thusly dreaming;
Nowhere from and nowehere to
burdened by a soul nor reason,
it travels endless deserts through,
restless hermit fears no season.
In moments black and hours unholy
it awakens me and reminds me solely;
“rest can never come from resting
dawns are dreamt to not dreamt of,
life is from one breath nor many,
hope is worn by age and wisdom,
fear is for fools, sages and men
as freedom lies in the dark unknown.”

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Spoj(DCEPC206) Its a Murder!

coding hangover

Problem link:

There is an nlogn solution for this problem. If you have already come across Inversion Count problem you will find this easy to solve.

All you have to do is to add 1 extra line in merge sort algorithm. In merge sort, we divide the array into subarrays recursively until there are just 2 elements in a subarray. We then arrange the subarray in sorted order and merge it with other subarrays.

Consider 2 subarrays arr[l…mid-1] and arr[mid…r] in the merge function which are sorted seperately and are ready to merge

i varies from l to mid-1

j varies from mid to r

i<j always

Let sum be the variable which holds the sum of all the numbers previously seen on the stairs which are smaller than the present number.


arr[i] comes before arr[j] in the input array and arr[i] is less than arr[j]. So we have…

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Generally as life goes by

Not one day passes by, when we are not, displeased with our present life situations. If you are a student in school, you might fear bullies, or exams. If you are in College, the fear of not being able to secure a job, never goes away. If you are working, then its your boss. If you are married, then its your family, and your spouse’s family. Double-treat! Life never ceases to toss burdens over you, without a second thought of whether you can handle it or not. Some of them are so surprisingly heavy and sudden, that you are shocked beyond words, shaken down to the last drop of your courage and left so numb, so inert, that nothing at all can ever be worse.

She looked

She looked at the girl

who stared back

with eyes so sad

that it could rip your heart.

Her lips had long forgotten

how  to smile.

Her face was covered

with dust from a long long journey.

She looked beaten by fate herself.

Her hands chained  by destiny itself,

Lying  at the mercy of those who wielded that weapon.

She waited and she looked deeper.

She seemed to be a happy little girl

once again, like a long time ago

one whose merry laugh

could make you forget everything else.

She would dance , she would sing,

she’d fall, she’d giggle,

She was the heart of the family,

she was the youngest girl.

Stumbling into the mysterious mirror,

she looked at how she’d change

As if destiny had laid her in

a labyrinth that never ended.

Every turn she took, she found a new door.

She opened it to find a new place, with new people.

Not a single face , she’d seen before.

The maze got deeper and darker.

She knew she couldn’t turn back,

so she took another step into this unknown world.

Trying harder than ever, to keep up

She started running

never pausing to even say a ‘hello’

she ran, she ran with all her strength

her legs thankfully never gave away,

gasping for breath, gulping down the misty air

She continued running in the dark

for in her heart, She knew, she’d find the light

for in her heart, She knew , she’d find rest.

So She kept running

over the stones and underneath them

rubbing her eyes, she strained to see better

she looked around and beyond.

Ghosts of past and future zipped past her

Time was no longer a dimension

Nothing bound her anymore

Everything seemed to be drifting away

The world was spinning round

she couldn’t think clearly, so she looked again.

There she was walking in the grass

for the first time, pausing to breathe the air

for the first time, forgetting all her scars

her face, her whole form appeared to be

dazzling in the morning rays

her hair playing with the wild wind

her dress, as white as snow

She seemed so happy to be there

walking so lightly, barefoot

on the ground wet with dew.

She was home at last.

She kept walking slowly in the fields,

She never stopped to look back.

~ Julian Joseph

[PS: the product of being bored and left home alone]