Implement Push Notifications in Android using Parse

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What is Push Notifications?

Push notification allows an app to notify you of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application, similar to how a text message will make a sound and pop up on your screen. This is a great way for apps to interact with us in the background, whether it be a game notifying us of some event occurring in our game world .

In addition to pushing messages to the screen, push notification allows apps to display a number or ‘badge’ on the app’s icon. For example, the Mail icon will show the number four when we have four unread messages.

Benefits of Push Notifications:

  • Engage customers

  • Keep customers informed and connected

  • Guide customers to their business.

  • Lower cost and better tracking than SMS.

  • No cost to the customer for rich media, unlike MMS.

  • Can target to events and times when most…

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