Setup Aptana for JQuery Development

Leo is a Hacker.

Aptana is an excellent IDE for writing code for python/ruby/jquery, I don’t / wouldn’t to develop PHP :), mastering the programming languages like ruby/python/javascript and related tools is overhead enough for me.

Now, I will talk about setting up the Aptana 3.05+ for JQuery Development.

AutoComplete and Syntax Reference

We need to install Javascript-JQuery.ruble to support AutoComplete.

How to Install

From the meun Commands > Bundle Development, we can Install Bundle for JQuery, that Javascript-JQuery.ruble from GitHub will be installed. This project ( javascript-jquery.rulbe is ported from Textmate’s jquery bundle).

After that, right-click the project in project explorer, select menu item “Properties”, select the checkbox for correct JQuery version in Project Build Path, Done!

Now we have the inline code-assist and syntax prompt when writing the code.

Since the Aptana 3.0, Ruble (Ruby bundle) is introduced to developers. We can think it as a clone implementation of bundle from TextMate

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